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*You can find the download link on my soundcloud. Bandcamp doesn't let me share download links*:

The "FORSAKEN EDITION" Will only be available until November 30th. It features 2 Extra tracks:

• Forsaken - Rough, soft track made originally to be used with other media like games and videos.

• So Below - A small/ Short project started along time ago and never got finished. Based on the movie As Above, So Below, Its has a hint of Darkstep in it.
About the Main Tracks:

• Ritual - This track originally began as the theme tune for a game im making but was not used because it was too "upbeat".

• Dead People - Based briefly on the movie, The Sixth Sense

• Pumpkin Moon X2 - A slightly improved version of Pumpkin Moon. Based on the video game, Terraria.

• Skellingtons - Based briefly and discreetly on the Halloween event in the video game, Team Fortress 2. The song was started back in August. It is the main song of the EP.
About the cover art:

The cover art features a Skellingtion stood in front of 2 Halloween style buildings. The Skellingtion and the background are very similar to the Skellingtion and scenery found in the Team Fortress 2 Halloween event. The cover was mostly done in 3D using Cinema4D and then edited in Photoshop. The main colours used were Midnight Blue, Light Teal, Black, White, Lime Green and Blood Red.

The forsaken edition is similar to the original except more washed out colours, Blood stained edges, Older and more ruined look, the word "Deluxe" covered with the word "Forsaken" and a few hidden images.

An example of one of the hidden images would be to the right of the jaw is a faint half of a happy teddy bears face. The glowing eye is most notable in this.
And faint, black puppet strings going from the text to the top of the cover.


released 06 October 2014



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Connor Gandy Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

I make music based on things I that I like or interest me like, horrors, Halloween, haunted and derelict places and so on.
My music is not for everyone taste...…

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